Famous Daves Menu Prices 2020 – What To Consider..

Just because you put the word “famous” in front of your name doesn’t necessarily make it true. But in the case of famous dave’s menu – it’s the reality. With 200 restaurants in the USA (1 in Winnipeg Canada) and 700 awards for barbeque; Dave Anderson knows his stuff. It’s said that Dave is a “living and breathing barbeque encyclopaedia.”

You needed me in the word “barbecue”. Say the word “barbeque” and I’m there. So, whenever we were remaining in Alexandria, Virginia while visiting Washington DC and that we drove past the restaurant one evening, I insisted over a detour.

Yes, it’s a chain but don’t allow that to discourage you against giving it a go. The decor has that “chain” feeling but the ambience is family friendly and in my opinion, any barbeque joint that leaves a roll of paper towel on each table, wet wipes and a number of sauces (6 altogether) to select from, means awesome sauciness is soon to arrive.

famous dave’s barbecue

Low and slow will be the number 1 rule when it comes to barbeque but things to order? Brisket? Pulled Pork? Ribs? Numerous choices and you would like to get it all – am I right? Why limit you to ultimately just one kind of meat? If it’s on the menu Normally i opt for the sampler and with regards to Famous Dave’s Barbecue the sampler is known as the “All American BBQ Feast.”

Feast for 2 – $39.99US – St. Louis-Style Spareribs, Country Roasted Chicken, Texas Beef Brisket or Georgia Chopped Pork, Creamy Coleslaw, Famous Fries, Wilbur Beans, Corn, Corn Bread Muffins all served family style over a garbage can lid.

famous dave’s barbecue

Garbage Can Lid???? Yes, you read that correctly. The history goes that Dave employed to smoke his ribs within his garage and because he didn’t have sufficient platters to serve the crowds of family and friends, he would likely present everything on a clean garbage can lid…and that tradition continues today.

Final Verdict of Famous Dave’s Barbecue. To begin with, the portion size is massive. The menu says that it should feed 2-3 people, but honestly, I would personally think that 3-4 people is a more accurate estimation. There was clearly so much food that people had leftovers for lunch the next day.

We’ve been disappointed before with “chain” barbeque restaurants, but honestly, we loved all of it. The brisket wasn’t fatty, the ribs were fall off of the bone, and also the chicken was nicely smoked and moist. The beans were exceptionally good and smoky with pieces of burnt tips mixed in – YUM.

I would visit famous daves restaurant again you will find, I might order the sampler, but rather than beef brisket I’ll try the pulled pork, and I’ll make sure to wear stretchy pants! We went on impulse since we had not been in several years. The cvlerv was quaint (?), type of out-doorsy decor.

The wait staff was friendly and fairly efficient – decent service. The restrooms were clean (and also the scent just outside the restroom was really nice – uncertain what it really was). The food itself was okay. We have definitely had better BBQ. I didn’t look after their sauce. The standard of the meet (the two of us had the pork) was good, although a substantial amount of my wife’s was burnt ends, which she did not like. I liked their cole slaw. Steamed broccoli have also been good. I did so not take care of their beans (too acidic and not a great flavor).